Friday, December 30, 2011

Hello World!

I've finally decided to get off my fat ass and start this travel blog.I've started reading this blog called zenhabits which really inspired me enough to just get started with this blog.So I did :)

I've travelled quite a bit already actually - Ireland,Greece,Sweden,Denmark,Poland,Finland,Netherlands, Belgium,Austria,Germany,U.S.A,Singapore and India.So all the material is already there just needs to get out from my head and onto this blog.Here's to hoping I get to travel a lot more in 2012 and post in this blog!

Here's to good intentions and 'Living your Life with Passion'!



  1. Wow, you've traveled a lot. Good posts in your blog, keep em' coming. "zenhabits" inspired me too to get down and do many things! Loved the line "Living your life with passion". It should be lived that way!

    1. Hi!
      Great to hear that you felt inspired by zenhabits too.A great site with awesome content!
      I traveled a lot due to my work,and that made me fall in love with travelling.I hope I do blog about those early trips!
      I'm new to blogging..learning along the way,so thanks for your compliment :)

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