Saturday, March 31, 2012

The sound of silence in Lodi Gardens

There is almost something magical about the silence in Lodi Gardens. Lovers make out in silence there.Auntiji's walk by without their usual chatter.Writers come by here for inspiration. You can actually hear the silence where human sounds are drowned out  and all you can  hear is  the ducks quacking..the birds chirping.. and the squirrels chittering. It's a little bit surreal for India. In fact all the respective factions looked upon at disapproval at one noisy youngster indulging in noisy horseplay,while the couple making out passionately(but silently) in the grass nearby was discreetly ignored :D

The beautiful lawns at Lodi
The beautiful lake in the gardens
View above from my spot in the grass
The extensive gardens  have several archaeological monuments within them.It's like a bit of paradise with some history thrown in..what more could you ask for?

The last Mughal ruler of India's tomb

Inside  the tomb

A fort in the garden
And yes...I'm quite hopelessly in  love with this place.Don't expect me to be really objective about it.:)

Vandy's Tips:
  • Close to Jor Bagh Metro Station.However it might be better to get down at INA,since you have better chances of getting autos to Lodi from there.
  • Visit the nearby Indian Habitat Centre(IHC) by foot.Several interesting cultural events happen here.A food court is also present in IHC.
  • Humayun's Tomb is a nearby attraction.I went directly to Lodi that day since I was desperate for a spot of green after living in Gurgaon's concrete jungle.
  • Lodi is pretty safe for women.I was just one among the several women who were there alone.Of course try to be there between 07:00 -18:00 hours,just in case. Better safe than sorry.
  • Don't litter in Lodi.If you do,I just might kill you.Leave this one pristine piece of earth alone!!
  • Young couples apparently come here to make-out without any interference from the guards and the police. I did feel amazed that no 'maama'(Chennai lingo for police) was present to collect 'vasool'.
  • It would be wonderful to catch sunset or sunrise in the gardens.And yeah,you have free entry to this place.
  • A few heritage walks are conducted here by the archaelogical department and some amateur groups.I plan on catching one next time.The history in this place just makes it extra special.
  • The Lodi Gardens was apparently a one time popular film shooting spot.You never may still catch a few here by random.
  • A book,some snacks,a bottle of water,sunglasses and a mat should be enough to make your day here if you like spending time alone like I do.